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"This Moment is a Dream come true"
Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with prof. equipment
Above: After Hugh Jackman gave the "pen" he used to carve his name into the cement to a delighted fan, a guy in the bleacher section across the street yelled:
"H U G H !!! 
W E  W A N T 
Y O U R 
S H O E S !!! 
Needless to say, the request triggered huge laughter and Hugh laughingly responded "Oooh No" :-D
Jay Leno and event officials view the fresh cement imprint
x-men Origins Wolverine is directed by Gavin Hood, who 
won the Foreign Language Film Oscar for South Africa 
with his gripping yet heart-warming drama "Tsotsi" in 2006.
See pictures of that event and learn about the scary 
encounter a crew member experienced while on his 
way to the Oscars.
Fellow Australian, News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch 
and his wife Wendi Deng congratulate Hugh Jackman
This website has a great Photo Gallery and some Videos of the event.
Hugh Jackman pleases his fans and signs, and signs, and signs... :-)
Did you recognize the "obnoxious" Hollywood Blvd Superman left to the guy in the bright orange T-shirt? Sorry Hugh, I like Superman too, just not that particular one...
A last "thumbs up" from Hugh Jackman (above)
before leaving the scene with his "entourage" (below)
Some Trivia (source IMDb)
HJ once said in an interview with Jay Leno that he is a fan of the "Friday The 13th" film series, and he became an actor because he wanted to play Jason in one.

HJ expressed great fondness for the comic book character Superman. Ironically, Superman is owned by DC Comics, the rival company of Marvel Comics, which owns X-Men and Wolverine.

HJ was a last-minute addition to the X-Men (2000) cast. Dougray Scott was originally cast as Wolverine, but Mission Impossible II (2000) required two extra months 
of shooting.

Quote: Acting is something I love. It's a great craft that I have a lot of respect for. But I don't think it's any greater challenge than teaching 8 year olds, or any other career. In my life, I try not to make it more important than it is and I just hope that rubs off on the people around me.

         Below: Hugh Jackman tells us, how thrilled he is
         about Jay Leno being HIS "Opening Act" :-)