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If Roy and Zeki had been in my life from the start, I could have saved myself a lot of headaches, tears and nightmares. For 25 years I would not let anyone near my hair, let alone have anyone cut it except for myself. I've always loved my hair, but became overly protective of it after several "traumatic" and awful hair salon experiences as a child and teenager. I had lost all faith and trust in hair stylists - until that memorable day in 2005, when I witnessed the high art of hair design at the Annual Academy Awards® Fashion Preview in Los Angeles. Not familiar with the Roy Teeluck Salon at the time, I was wondering who the creator of these gorgeous and stunning hairdos was. I constantly found myself pointing the camera not only at the gowns and jewelry, but at the unique hairstyles too. I've since been given the opportunity to meet two of these most talented hair designers of the Roy Teeluck Salon, Zeki Dogulu and Roy Teeluck himself.
With their warm and welcoming approach, their zen-like yet creatively energetic personalities and their outstanding talent, they were able to put me at ease from day one, and most importantly, put an end to my nightmares. They've since not only beautified my hair and looks in the most incredible way, but also proved with their expertise and artistic view, that "they totally get who I am" - It's as "simple" as that! I've never experienced anything like that before and I feel blessed to have met them both.

I also have huge praise for the Salon's Marketing Director, Michelle, who not only provides excellent service, but in addition has always managed to brighten my day with her utmost kindness and helpfulness. And just in time for the Academy Awards season, I received a truly awesome haircut by Roy, making me feel like an Oscar winner :-)

What made this recent experience even more exciting was the fact, that while I got pampered by Roy in Los Angeles, Presidential Candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton was awaiting her turn with her favorite hair stylist back in New York! Now, if that doesn't make you feel special...!

Roy Teeluck Salon, New York 
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